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Basic Boxing Methods For Beginner 2023

Last Updated on November 30, 2022 by The Music Boxer

The ULTIMATE overview of boxing!

Are you brand-new to boxing as well as do not recognize where to begin?
I made this full basic boxing method for all newbie fighters, loaded with descriptions, images, video clips, and also web links to extra in-depth overviews.

Allow’s start!

The Best Conveniences Concerning Boxing


First of all, why boxing

This concern could not have actually been any kind of less complicated. Boxing is a terrific exercise, possibly one of the most difficult of all sporting activities. Needs rate, dexterity, skill, power, endurance, and also the best psychological strength. Boxing presses you like nothing else, matching the finest and also highest-degree professional athletes versus each other. It’s a pleasant scientific research yet at the same time likewise a raw as well as a harsh sporting activity.

Much more significantly boxing takes you even more than you ever before assumed feasible. Boxing makes you extra active than ever before, even more, simple in loss, as well as many marvelous in success. Boxing discloses real competitors deep inside every among us.

Basic Boxing Method


Standard Boxing Position

The basic boxing method is expected to be very easy for novices to strike and also safeguard quickly. You’re well covered in this position with both hands prepared to assault quickly. Advanced competitors will certainly make use of various boxing positions for advanced body language as well as counter-punching possibilities.


The Appropriate Boxing Position — All Set To Assault Or Protect

Front toe & back heel on the facility line. Leading hand in the back (if you are right-handed, placed the right-hand man in the back).
Weight uniformly dispersed throughout both legs, knees a little curved.
Feet-angled, a little broader than shoulder size apart, back heel increased.
Elbow joints down, hands up.
Head behind your handwear covers, chin a little down, eyes see over the handwear covers.
Unwind and also take a breath!


Standard Boxing Maneuvering


Novices definitely require grasping the step drag as well as pivot maneuvers. This sort of motion might appear hard in the beginning since many individuals have a behavior of constantly embarking on the ground. In boxing, you wish to maintain your feet down on the ground so you’re constantly prepared to strike, safeguard, or relocate away. Likewise, leaping about is a massive waste of power. The showy maneuvering will certainly come normally when you create far better conditioning as well as method.

The Standard STEP-DRAG

That right there is the standard boxing maneuvering. Action with the lead foot as well as drag the back foot. This tipping as well as dragging boxing maneuvering strategy makes certain that your weight is based and also constantly prepared to strike or safeguard. It likewise stops you from strolling or crossing your feet which can make you diminish equilibrium.

To move forward or LEFT, action with your left foot initially, and after that drag the best foot after.
To step or RIGHT, action with your appropriate foot initially, and after that drag the left foot after.


The following essential boxing maneuvering method you’ll require is the pivot. It’s generally done by rotating off your front foot. You can utilize it defensively to prevent strikes, or offensively to discover brand-new punching angles. A pivot can be beneficial for counter-punching by taking you out of damage’s method as well as still maintaining you in an array to toss counterstrikes.

  • Pivot CLOCKWISE by turning your ideal foot and also allowing your body to pivot over the left foot.
  • Exercise tiny pivots (45-90 levels) in addition to huge pivots (90-180 levels).

Read more guides on boxing stance:

Standard Boxing Punches

Standard Punching Strategy

  • Begin with a loosened-up setting
  • Breathe out as you toss the strike
  • Tighten your clenched fist and also body muscular tissues to influence
  • Launch your restore to you

Tossing strikes is merely the act of being kicked back, after that rapidly increasing your hand in the direction of the target as you breathe out greatly. You tighten your hand right now of influence and afterward loosen up the hand to toss even more strikes. The method is to use your whole body weight behind the strike without diminishing equilibrium. Abilities, as well as experience, will certainly instruct you gradually.

For a beginner, one of the most vital points is to discover the appropriate boxing type. Later, you will certainly have the ability to toss various variants of strikes from various settings and also establish your very own boxing strategy to fit your design.

Basic Boxing Tips

  • Transform your entire body and also pivot your feet on ALL STRIKES OTHER THAN THE STAB.
  • Preserve your position as well as equilibrium for far better power and also flexibility.
  • See to it the non-punching hand is protecting the opposite side of your body.
  • Breathe out greatly on every shot.
  • All boxing strikes are generally a variant of straight strikes (elbow joint straight), hook strikes (elbow joint laterally), or uppercut strikes (joint down).

Left Straight (STAB)– the # 1 essential tool in boxing

  • Maintaining the remainder of your body still, and prolonging your left hand is simple.
  • Breathe out greatly as you punch, turning the clenched fist to land with the hand down.
  • Draw the return right away after effect to protect.

*** Attempt tossing a stab with a forward action (also known as “action stab”). Additionally, attempt a stab to the body by flexing your knees & midsection a little as you stab.

The stab is one of the most essential types of boxing. It can strike, safeguard, counter, rating factors, make room, as well as several various other points. It’s your lengthiest, fastest strike, makes use of the least power, and also leaves you the least susceptible. A boxing fitness instructor will normally inform you that every combination has to begin with the stab. It’s a rapid strike that stuns your challenger simply enough time for the large strikes to land.

Excellent competitors have fantastic stabs.

Right Straight (RIGHT CROSS)– your best strike

  • Revolve your hips as well as top body CCW as you pivot your best foot (concerning 90 levels).
  • Breathe out dramatically as you prolong your appropriate clenched fist right out from your chin.
  • Turn the clenched fist to land with your hand down.
  • Do not allow your head to lean previously to your front knee.

*** When needed, the appropriate elbow joint can flex to produce a mild looping angle (overhand right) or perhaps a large looping angle (haymaker) to find out about your challenger’s guard. Several boxing instructors worry about the relevance of a direct ideal for novices since it telegrams much less and also does not leave the boxer as open. It’s unusual to see an “ideal hook” since it would likely be obstructed by their challenger’s left shoulder. Bend your knees and also waistline if you intend to toss a cross to the body.

The ideal cross will normally be your best strike since it originates from your leading hand as well as obtains take advantage of conveniently from the back. When incorporated, the stab as well as right go across ended up being referred to as the fundamental however extremely valuable 1-2 mix.

LEFT HOOK– a hazardous power strike

Rotate your feet clockwise (regarding 90 levels) as you go down the appropriate heel as well as raise the left heel.
Your body revolves as one strong block when you pivot your feet.
The left arm tightens up as you turn your left clenched fist right into the target.
*** For a left hook to the body, leave your left by far and also toss with an upright clenched fist.

The left hook is conveniently among the most dangerous type of boxing. It originates from a side angle making it difficult to safeguard when a challenger is anticipating straight strikes. It’s likewise typical for kos due to the fact that the strike transforms the head and also quickly makes challengers lightheaded. You can toss left hooks to the head with your hand straight or upright; for a newbie, I suggest you make use of the ones that really feel most all-natural.

Left hooks to the body are one of the most typical methods to strike the body. The “liver shot” (situated under your right ribs) is recognized to be exceptionally excruciating and also has actually brought about several body shot kos. Body shots usually take the wind out of you and also eliminate your legs, hindering your capacity to relocate. A well-placed body shot can for a short while immobilize your legs and also maintain you from standing even if you’re mindful and also still going to combat.

basic boxing method

LEFT UPPERCUT– harmful brief to a long-range strike

  • Rotate your feet clockwise (regarding 90 levels) as you go down the appropriate heel as well as raise the left heel.
  • Your body turns similar to a left hook (do not lean onward or backward).
  • With your elbow joint aiming down, drop your left clenched fist somewhat as well as turn it upwards as you breathe out.
  • The strike lands with the hand dealing with up.
  • Maintain this striking compact, as well as recoup to your position rapidly.

*** You can toss this strike extra straight or extra bent, as well as to the head or body.

The left uppercut is a wonderful strike to make use of on the within and even mid-range. It’s extra effective than the stab, comes quickly, and also can be rather unforeseen. The only danger is that you need to be closer to your challenger and also your left shoulder is unqualified to prevent your challenger’s civil liberties.

RIGHT UPPERCUT– hazardous brief to a long-range strike

  • Turn your hips as well as top body CCW as you pivot your ideal foot (regarding 90 levels).
  • Your body revolves similarly to the best cross (do not lean onward or in reverse).
  • With your joint directed down, drop your right clenched fist a little as well as turn it upwards as you breathe out.
  • The strike lands with the hand encountering up.
  • Maintain this striking compact, and also recoup to your position promptly.

The appropriate uppercut is a destructive strike to make use of at close quarters or mid-range. It’s really effective to toss ahead or body. The best threat is that you’re dropping your right-hand man as well as subjecting on your own to a counter left hook.

Fundamental Strike Mixes

Fundamental strike mixes for newbies! Discover the strike numbering system listed below and afterwards try all the standard mixes. You can toss these mixes in shadowboxing, on the bags, the gloves, and even in sparring. Every experienced fighter will certainly have grasped these mixes as acquired behavior.

1 = stab

2 = appropriate cross

3 = left hook

4 = overhand right

5 = left uppercut

6 = best uppercut

b = body

*** Instance: 1-2-3b combination would certainly suggest a stab to the head, after that right go across to the head, after that left hook to the body.

Usual Boxing Mixes


There’s no policy to boxing mixes. You can toss whatever strikes you desire in whatever order you desire. There are absolutely SOME standards, such as tossing rapid feeler strikes (like the stab) prior to you dedicating to the tough shots that leave you open much longer. It’s additionally extra all-natural to alternating strikes in between your right as well as left hand however likewise an excellent suggestion to toss dual lefts and also dual civil liberties to puzzle your challenger.

You’ll at some point find out various other mixes later on (some with elegant protective actions ingrained) as well as eventually compose your very own to fit the circumstance.

Fundamental Boxing Protection

There are lots of sorts of protective strategies you might have become aware of around, some fancier than others. The first thing a newbie fighter requires to discover is just how to obstruct. Barring is the simplest means to remain in punching variety without obtaining pain. As well as for novices, obstructing is the safest method due to the fact that it blocks the punching angles. As soon as you have actually grasped obstructing, after that you can go on to the advanced things like renitence, rolling, and also sliding. The major advantage of advanced protection strategies are that they permit you to safeguard on your own without utilizing your hands, in this manner your hands are cost-free to punch back!

Obstructing Head Strikes

bring your handwear covers closer to cover your face
elevate right-handwear cover to obstruct left-handed strikes
elevate left-handwear cover to obstruct right-handed strikes

Obstructing Body Strikes

bring your arm joints closer to you
reduced the ideal arm joint block left-handed strikes
reduced the left jointly to obstruct right-handed strikes

Boxing Protection Tips


It’s more secure to cover on your own, as opposed to chasing after the strike (which still leaves you open).
Maintain your eyes on the challenger (the strikes you see do not injure you as much).
Remain well balanced, it’s much easier to obstruct strikes without obtaining pushed back when you’re basing on both legs.
Resist, the only method to go from protective to offensive is to punch back.

Go back, vacating the array is the most convenient method to prevent all strikes.
Expect the strong hand, if you can not protect every little thing at the very least expect large strikes.
Obviously, there is even more to obstructing than just bringing your handwear covers to you however this is a great beginning for newbies. No requirement to do anything elegant, or obtain perplexed concerning where to position your hand. Draw your hands to your face, or draw your arm joints to your body.

Basic Boxing Counter-Punching

You’ll at some point recognize that boxing is generally continuous counter-punching. You will certainly constantly be assaulting and also protecting concurrently so you will certainly require to integrate your offensive and also protective boxing abilities. For a novice, this simplest method to counter is to obstruct very first and afterward counter right away after. Stabs can be responded to by concurrently tossing one more strike, or obstructing very first and afterward responding to.

As your abilities enhance, you’ll at some point discover that any kind of strike can be responded to with any kind of strike. The challenging component is identifying just how. In the meantime, you need to concentrate on the simpler counters for novices that do not need top-level protective activities.

Standard Counters to the Jab

  • toss your very own stab (head or body).
  • toss one more strike (head or body).
  • obstructing initially and after that responding to after could not be quickly sufficient to respond to the stab.

Standard Counters to a Right Cross/Overhand/Uppercut.

  • Obstruct the right-hand man with a lengthy stab.
  • Or toss a rapid left hook prior to or after your challenger’s right.
  • Block initially, and after that toss your very own right-hand man.

Standard Counters to a Left Hook/Uppercut.

  • Toss a lengthy left stab.
  • Block initially and after that toss a counter best.

Boxing Exercise

Below is a basic suggestion for a standard boxing exercise. It may be as well simple for all-natural professional athletes yet likewise as well difficult for others. Do what you can and also function your method up. If something really feels tough to do, after that you understand you require to do much more. If something harms you, QUIT. Finally, TAKE YOUR REMAINDER. Do not be a noob as well as train till you’re totally aching as well as damaged. No smart professional athlete does that, just noobs (since they do not understand exactly how to be efficient besides entirely tiring themselves).

Boxing Warmup


  • 3 ROUNDS– run or leap rope (both are excellent, also).
  • 3 ROUNDS– shadowbox.
  • stretch as well as move to workout the body [exactly how to heat up arms]

Boxing Workout


  • 3 ROUNDS– emphasis gloves with trainer/partner (to create brand-new abilities).
  • 3 ROUNDS– heavy bag.
  • 3 ROUNDS– rate bag.
  • 3 ROUNDS– dual-end bag.
  • 3 ROUNDS– even more shadowboxing (to strengthen brand-new found-out abilities as well as workout for competing).
  • 3 ROUNDS– competing, can be for training or discovering objectives [competing web link] 3 ROUNDS– conditioning job, can be plyometrics, Tabata drills, resistance training, exercises, and so on.

Boxing Warm-down

  • 100 push-ups.
  • 100 sit-ups.
  • 100 crises.
  • stretch once again so you do not obtain also aching or be confined for the following day.

Boxing Training Tips

  • Request ideas from everyone. it’s incredible what you’ll find out when you obtain suggestions from various angles– there is greater than one method to do points, you have to discover them all (there is no “ideal means”).
  • Consume right. It will certainly offer you much more power and also accelerate your healing. Sound Judgment Boxing Diet Plan.
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