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Boxing Music Machine Workout Plan for Beginners 2024

Welcome to the exciting world of boxing! Whether your aim is fitness, building strength, or learning self-defense – boxing offers numerous advantages that are sure to take your workouts to another level! With help from innovative tools such as the Boxing Music Machine and this article, we will guide you through a beginner-oriented boxing workout plan including its use. Unleash your inner fighter while having an amazing workout!

Wall Mount Boxing Music Machine

Before diving into any workout plan, let’s introduce ourselves to the Wall Mount Boxing Music Machine. This hexagonal wall-mounted machine was specifically created to enhance the boxing experience by tapping its six small panels in sync with light changes and musical rhythm for an exciting yet engaging workout session.

Wall Mount Boxing Machine connects via Bluetooth with your mobile phone, enabling you to select music of your choosing while synchronizing its rhythm to boxing strikes for added excitement and motivation during workout sessions. Furthermore, this machine tracks and records difficulty levels of workout sessions so it is easier for you to monitor progress over time.

Boxing Music Machine Workout Plan for Beginners

What Can You Expect From Boxing?

Boxing offers numerous advantages to beginners. Not only is it an effective cardiovascular workout, but boxing also improves strength, agility, coordination, and mental focus – plus its full-body workout engages multiple muscle groups providing a powerful way to burn calories and tone the body!

Wall Mount Boxing Music Machine elevates these benefits further. By tapping panels synchronized to lighting effects and rhythm, you’ll experience increased engagement and motivation during workouts. Furthermore, its integration with mobile phones enables users to select music tailored specifically to them; further elevating your workout experience.

Also, boxing can build confidence, ease tension, and teach essential self-defense techniques – plus with our Wall Mount Boxing Machine with music, you won’t just improve fitness but have fun while doing it!

Boxing Workout Plan For Beginners

Now let’s dive into a beginner-friendly boxing workout plan using the Wall Mount Boxing Music Machine. This program aims to introduce you gradually to boxing’s fundamentals while taking full advantage of this machine’s unique features. Warming up before each workout session and consulting a fitness professional regarding any preexisting health conditions should always come first when exercising, particularly before embarking upon this plan.

(Want to record your boxing journey? This table may be helpful!)

Shadow Boxing (Round 1, 3 Mins)

Shadow boxing is an integral component of any boxing workout. You’re free to practice your punches, footwork, and overall technique without being tied down by equipment or partners. Use our Wall Mount Boxing Machine as you stand before its lights and rhythm while tapping its panels simultaneously – this will keep your pace steady while developing coordination!

At this round, focus on maintaining proper boxing stance and footwork by raising your guard, tucking your chin, keeping the feet light, and practicing throwing punches such as jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts with precision while visualizing an opponent in front of you aiming to strike accurately and precisely every time; move around the machine while striking to replicate real boxing movements.

Cardio Blast (Round 2, 5 Mins)

Cardiovascular endurance is integral to boxing. In this round, the focus will be given to increasing heart rate and building stamina using the Boxing Music Machine as your rhythm guide and energy stays high throughout.

Beginners should begin punching panels rapidly for one minute. Alternating jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts as fast punches to maintain proper form and technique while increasing intensity. After one minute has elapsed, transition into an active rest period by performing exercises like jumping jacks, high knees, or jogging in place in order to raise heart rates further.

Alternating between punching and active rest periods for five minutes of interval training to increase cardiovascular fitness and simulate the energy demands of real boxing matches.

Combo Practice (Round 3, 5 Mins)

Combining different punches into fluid combinations is key in boxing, and using the Wall Mount Boxing Music Machine will help maintain an even rhythm and flow for this round’s practice of various combinations, including defensive moves.

Start out throwing simple combinations, like jab-cross or hook-uppercut. As your confidence increases, incorporate defensive moves like ducking and blocking. Visualize an opponent to improve the timing and accuracy of punches thrown against him or her.

Continue practicing combinations for five minutes by tapping panels in sync with the rhythm provided by the Wall Mount Boxing Music Machine, tapping along to its rhythm for five more minutes to enhance coordination, reaction time, and overall boxing skills.

Strength Training (Round 4, 10 Mins)

Strength training is an integral component of any effective boxing workout plan, and while Wall Mount Boxing Machine primarily concentrates on boxing techniques, this round will let you take a break and target muscles through bodyweight exercises.

Exercise techniques, including push-ups, squats, lunges, and planks. Strive for three sets of 10-15 repetitions on each exercise in this round – it will improve muscle strength, endurance, and overall body composition.

Take this time to stop and regroup before moving forward with another round.

Heavy Bag Workout (Round 4, 8 Mins)

A heavy bag is an indispensable element in boxing training. By providing resistance against punches that you throw against it, the heavy bag gives you an ideal platform to develop both power and technique. Do your hand wraps and gloves before hitting the heavy bag using proper techniques learned through previous rounds – as well as applying any skills acquired along the way!

The Music Boxer Boxing Machine will give your workout more rhythm and timing cues for maximum effectiveness. Tap panels in time with the machine as you hit a heavy bag; focus on developing power while maintaining good form and controlling breathing for an unparalleled workout experience!

Continue the heavy bag workout for 8 minutes, tailoring its intensity and pace according to your fitness level. This round will develop punching power, endurance, and overall boxing proficiency.

Cool Down and Stretch (5 Mins)

WARNING! These 5-minute stretching exercises should only be undertaken after engaging in intense workouts. By gradually decreasing heart rate and stretching out muscles post-workout, this round helps decrease post-workout muscle soreness and prevent post-workout muscle soreness.

Gently stretch your upper body, lower body, and core muscles by holding each stretch for 20-30 seconds in each muscle group. Take deep breaths as you focus on relaxing both body and mind – this cool-down round will aid muscle recovery while increasing flexibility over time.


Congratulations on completing your beginner boxing workout plan using The Music Boxer Wall Mount Boxing Machine! With consistent practice, your boxing skills, endurance, and overall fitness level will gradually improve over time. Always listen to your body, stay hydrated, and enjoy every aspect of the experience – boxing isn’t only physical exercise – it is an emotional one too – don’t push yourself too hard but embrace that inner boxer within!


1. Can the Boxing Music Machine help me get into boxing without previous experience?

Absolutely. They are designed specifically to cater to fitness levels of all kinds – beginners included! – the Boxing Music Machine provides an engaging way of getting involved with boxing while learning its fundamentals in an accessible yet fun manner.

2. How often should a beginner’s boxing workout plan?

It is recommended to begin your boxing workout plan with two to three sessions every week before increasing as your fitness improves and allowing enough recovery time between workouts.

3. Can the Boxing Music Machine be used for workouts other than boxing?

While designed primarily to increase rhythm and intensity for boxing workouts, you could certainly get creative and use the device for other forms of physical exercise too – from cardio or high-intensity workouts, all the way through to yoga classes!

4. What equipment am I needing for the beginner boxing workout plan?

For starters, hand wraps, boxing gloves, and a heavy bag are must-have items when starting boxing workout plans for beginners. They ensure both safety and proper technique when boxing.

5. How Can I Track My Progress Using the Boxing Music Machine?

With its convenient recording feature, you can use the Boxing Music Machine to keep a log of each workout session’s difficulty level and monitor your progress by comparing records against present ones and noting improvements in both performance and stamina over time.

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