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How to Use Boxer Wrap: Guide For Beginners

Last Updated on April 17, 2023 by The Music Boxer

How to use boxer wrap?


  1. Unfold the boxer wrap
  2. Put your thumb through the loop
  3. Wrap your wrist
  4. Wrap your hand
  5. Wrap the thumb and secure the boxer wrap around your wrist
  6. Wrap your fingers
  7. Wrap the hand again
  8. Secure the boxer wrap

Also, when using boxer wrap you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Don’t wrap too loose or too tight
  • Keep the wrap flat
  • Keep your wrist straight when wrapping your hand
  • Length of the wrap

Read this article for more useful information.

As a boxing novice, how to use boxer wrap may be a problem for you, fortunately, you can learn how to use boxer wrap in this article, take a look at this article!

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What is Boxer Wrap?

Boxer wrap is a cloth strip used to protect the tendons and ligaments of boxers. Boxers, especially beginners, should use boxer wrap because boxer wrap is different from boxing gloves, which cover the entire hand, but they cannot fully protect your hand, especially the wrist. A boxer wrap, on the other hand, can provide support and stability to the wrist, minimizing the risk of injury to the boxer.

How to Choose the Right Boxer Wrap?

How to choose the right wrap

There are different types of boxer wrap and if you are new to boxing, you may not really know how to choose a boxer wrap. in fact, to choose the right boxer wrap, you need to consider your hand size and boxing type.

Cotton wraps

Cotton wraps are suitable for people who need to train regularly. They are available in adult and youth sizes and are secured with Velcro ends.

Mexican wraps

Mexican wraps are similar to cotton wraps, but they are made of woven elastane so they fit your hand more easily. Their elasticity will wear out over time, making them less durable than cotton wraps.

Gel wraps

Gel wraps fit over your hand like an open-finger glove, so it’s easy to wear them. However, they are more expensive and do not provide as much wrist support as traditional wrist wraps. Serious boxers don’t usually choose gels.

Competition wraps

Competition wraps consist of gauze and tape. The boxing rulebook specifies the exact amount that can be used to ensure that each boxer has the same amount of padding. These wraps are not reusable and therefore are not suitable for use in daily training.

How to Use Boxer Wrap?

Please follow the steps below to wrap your hands.

how to use boxer wrap

1. Unfold the boxer wrap

Usually, a section of the boxer wrap has Velcro and the other end has a loop. Many boxer wraps have labels or printing on them to help you find the side that should be facing down. Another way to tell is to look at which side the adhesive is on to make sure your wrap is facing the right way.

2. Put your thumb through the loop

Straighten your wrist and spread all your fingers, then put your thumb through the loop at the end of the boxer wrap.

3. Wrap your wrist

Wrap the boxer wrap from your thumb to the back of your wrist, usually 3-4 times, you can increase or decrease the number of times as you see fit, and make sure you keep it flat as you wrap.

4. Wrap your hand

Wrap the wrap around the top of your thumb and through the palm of your hand 3 times.

5. Wrap the thumb and secure the boxer wrap around your wrist

Wrap the wrap from the bottom of your thumb to the top and back to the bottom, and finally wrap it around your wrist below to secure the wrap.

6. Wrap your fingers

Wrap the wrap around the inside of your wrist starting between each finger to the inside of your wrist, starting with the pinky and ring finger and repeating this until the middle and index finger, ending at the inside of your wrist.

7. Wrap the hand again

Start the boxer wrap from the inside of the wrist to the outside of the hand, then continue wrapping around the palm of the hand and the top of the thumb, and finally around the wrist again.

8. Secure the boxer wrap

Finally, attach the boxer wrap with the Velcro on the end. And try to bend the hand or play a few rounds to check whether the hand is wrapped too loose or too tight.

Tips for Wrap Your Hand

Tips for Wrap your Hand

When wrapping your hands, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Don’t wrap too loose or too tight

If you wrap your hands too loosely, you will not be able to ensure the stability of your hands and wrists, and you will not be able to protect them well. And if you wrap it too tightly, it will hinder blood circulation in your body, which is not good for your boxing performance. If you are not sure if you are wrapping too loosely or too tight, you can bend the following fingers after wrapping your hand to confirm. If you don’t feel right, you can re-wrap your hand by following the steps above.

Keep the wrap flat

An uneven wrap will prevent the wrap from protecting your hand and wrist and will not help reduce the risk of injury.

Keep your wrist straight when wrapping your hand

If your wrist is bent, then the wrap will not stabilize your wrist well, which will increase the likelihood of your injury.

Length of the wrap

In general, the longer the length of the wrap, the better it will protect your hand. However, it is best for people with small hands to choose a shorter length of cloth that suits them, because the wrap is designed to provide protection and support the force of the punch, and it is important to choose a wrap that fits your hand size.


Boxer wrap can provide protection for your hands and wrists and you reduce the risk of injury, so it is useful for boxers. In this article, we introduce you to boxer wrap and how to use it, and also provide you with some advice when using it, hope it can help you! Also, if you would like to do home boxing, try this Music Boxing Machine.


How long can you wear boxing wraps?

We recommend that you change your wraps once in April-May to prevent them from tearing suddenly.

Are boxing wraps necessary?

Yes. While boxing gloves can wrap your hands, it’s the boxing wrap that will give you complete protection for your hands and wrists so you don’t hurt yourself punching at full strength.

Can I hit a punching bag with just wraps?

We do not recommend that you do this. It’s important to learn to box properly, and it’s best to use both wraps and gloves.

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