Wall Mount Boxing Music Machine


Elevate Your Rhythm with Our Boxing Music Machine!

  • Knockout Beats in Every Note
  • Punchy Performance, Wireless Freedom
  • Robust Design, Stylish Impact
Wall Mount Boxing Music Machine $490.00

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Achieve your fitness goals in an interesting and engaging way with our wall-mount boxing music machine, all from the comfort of your own home. Join us and experience the benefits of our unique approach to fitness.

Home boxing equipment brings convenience to sports enthusiasts, and you can experience the feeling of sweating without going out.

Release the stress of the day with our boxing music machine after a long day at work.


Size28 (L) x 24 (W) x 11 (H) inches
Net Weight17lbs


boxing music machine

Additional Information

Brand Story

The Music Boxer was founded by Constance, a boxing enthusiast who discovered a fun way to release stress and lose weight using a smart music boxing machine. As a busy professional, she realized the need for a convenient and effective way to exercise at home and the idea for The Music Boxer was born.

Our brand is dedicated to helping individuals who need to find a way to release stress after work and those with a strong desire to lose weight but lack the time to go to the gym. We offer a unique combination of boxing and music to create a fun and effective workout experience.

At The Music Boxer, we have a team of professional coaches who provide online boxing lessons with detailed explanations to ensure that every user gets the most out of their workout. We offer a wide range of music options for users to play along with, also users can upload their own music in our App, making the experience more engaging and enjoyable.

Our brand is all about creating a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for boxing and music.

Our mission is to provide a fun and convenient way for individuals to release stress, lose weight, and lead happier lives. With The Music Boxer, users can achieve their fitness goals in an interesting and engaging way, all from the comfort of their own homes. Join us and experience the benefits of our unique approach to fitness.


How Does a Music Boxing Machine Work?

The music boxing machine works by playing a specific musical rhythm to guide the athlete in the boxing action. The lights light up wherever you hit, exercising hand-eye coordination and improving reflexes. The music can provide you with audio-visual enjoyment and increase the intensity of the match.

How To Install Wall-Mount Music Boxing Machine on The Wall?

The music boxing machine will be installed on the wall by Velcro, we’ve tested it, the machine will be installed securely on the wall if you follow our manual instructions.

Can I Upload My Music?

Absolutely! You can upload your music through our app.

Is the App Free? Is It Necessary to Use a Mobile Phone?

Yes, the app is free. A mobile phone is required for app download, music selection, and boxing data checking.


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